PHOTOS: Dresses that speak volumes about you….

19 Mar

Dresses are items every woman should endeavour to have in her wardrobe at all costs.
For three(3) days, I’ll be bringing to you the various types of dresses ladies should have for different occasions. You’ll be amazed how much fashion statement women can make simply by wearing the right kind of dress for the right occasion.

Floral dresses are not only fashionable, they are also trendy. It makes you the center of attention because of it’s attractive look.They are so pretty that when you wear them you spread smiles across the face of everyone you come in contact with. They’re the perfect dresses for anyone looking to spread cheer and turn heads simultaneously.It radiates style in all ways especially when paired with the right accessories. It also gives you the opportunity to play with colours. As I have found out over the years, bright colours brighten up your mood and day. Which of the floral dresses below would you love to rock?
floral dress1

floral dress2

floral dress3

floral dress4

floral dress5

floral dress6

floral dress7

ladies, we are all supposed to know that the most important dress of all the dresses every woman should own is the LBD, or Little Black Dress. An up to date black dress that fits you well, enhances your figure and gives you that needed confidence is a very important item you need in your wardrobe. It can be worn to social events, funerals, party events, charity events, some community events, speaking engagements, and even weddings if properly styled . The most important thing with the LBD is wearing it well. I’ve worn a little black dress with ankara shoes, bag, earrings and neck piece before, it was absolutely perfect. wearing it with good and colourful accessories (depending on the occasion) gives you class. You can also wear it simply with a classic pair of heels or a pair of stylish flats. From mono-strap to strapless to flair, pleated black dresses etc, ladies have options that best suit their body form to pick from.
Which of the little black dresses below do you have in your wardrobe? If none, which would you go for?

“One is never overdressed or under dressed with a little black dress” -Karl Lagerfeld

lbd 1

lbd 2

lbd 4

lbd 5

lbd 6

lbd 7

lbd 8








Keep your fingers crossed as I bring to you more beautiful dresses that speak volumes about you and your sense of style, for two more days…… I’m pretty sure, you’ll be forced to add some spice to your wardrobe!


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