BOB READERS: Pls advise…My fiancé wants me to swear an oath before we can get married!!!

24 Mar

woman under pressure

From a reader:
Hello BOB readers, my fiance told me he won’t marry me unless I swear oath with him o. He said that is the tradition in his family that I must swear that I will born children for him and that I will never leave him. The most annoying one is that he said I will swear that I will not marry another man even if he dies.

I don’t understand this type of tradition o. Please advise because I love him very much and don’t want him to leave me. He said he will marry me 3 months after I swear oath with him.

Should I leave him or swear with him? Pls everybody tell me what to do, I am confused.

****** If you are in this woman’s shoes what would you do?******
Pls send in your advice- Bukola Oyetunji


One Response to “BOB READERS: Pls advise…My fiancé wants me to swear an oath before we can get married!!!”

  1. bukola rita March 25, 2014 at 8:40 am #

    issues like this are so frustrating and you might wanna do it cos u will feel like itz no big deal but I am tellin u itz a big deal dnt do it.everything might seems fine now if u do t but it wont continue to be so afterwards…d devil is such a player.wateva religion u are praticing…talk to God about…then talk to im about…in dz modern me o a guy stressin issuses lyk dz sounds diabolic…..nevertheless if he luvs u he will c ur points on y u dnt wanna do t since t z not lyk u avnt sacrificed ffor im b4

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