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14 Jul

singles step up-coming soon 2
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24 Apr

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BOB’s Entrepreneur of the Week: “If you believe in yourself you’ll get there….” MD of CONNECTIC shares her secret to success!

18 Nov


BOB’s Entrepreneur for this week(pictured above) is a God-fearing, goal-oriented and focused woman. She deals in best quality products and wears that would make your children stand out among their peers. Her customer service is exceptional, she treats everyone that walks into her store like a king/queen. After visiting her shop, i can assure you you’ll be hooked and wouldn’t want to get things for your wards elsewhere. She is really worth bringing to you readers as our “Entrepreneur of the week”.
I’m very sure you all will totally agree with me after reading the excerpts of the interview i had with her below.


BOB: Your background: Birth, Education, Parental impact, Work experience.
My name is Aminah Adebukola Oladipo. I was born in the late 70s. I had my Primary and Secondary Education in Ibadan after which I went to University of Ilorin. I grew up in a strict and religious family….. It’s been a good one. I worked in an accounting firm as an accountant, though a microbiologist, at Victoria Island in Lagos for over a year before starting my business in 2008.

BOB: What inspired you to start your Business/Organisation?
The very first thing that inspired me is time. We believe (me and my husband) that with your business your time is flexible i.e., you can spend more time with the kids and family.

BOB: How did you come about the name Connectic?
It is just like saying we’re connecting with the kids, mothers or expectant mothers by providing their basic needs.

BOB: The organization has been running for how many years?
It’s been running for 5 years now

BOB: What are the major things your organization is into?
Mainly when I travel I source for children’s clothes, toys, accessories etc. anything that has to do with expectant mothers, kids and teenagers. I try to source for them thereby giving them a total kit up and also maternity needs.

BOB: Why did you decide to go into sales of children’s wears, toys and maternity products?
The major thing that prompted me into sales of kids wears was pregnancy. I resigned when I was pregnant with my son due to stress so I thought, if that’s the reason why I resigned why not go into sales of things that would bring ease to expectant mothers. Give them an avenue that would be convenient to get things that would suit them and their babies up to teen-age.

BOB: What is the most cherished memory of your life?
Personally I can’t pick a particular moment because I have a lot of special memories. If I start counting it……… (laughs). Well, if I pray to God and it’s answered, it’s a cherished memory and moment for me from God.

BOB: How do you balance your career and being a mother and wife?
It takes a lot of planning because taking care of kids can take all your time. It’s all about doing the right thing at the right time and getting the right thing at the right time to create a balance all together. But time is still the major factor in creating the necessary balance because time they say is money…. (smiles)


BOB: Where do you want to be in 5 years’ from now?
I have so many aspirations which I wish and pray will come to pass. Personally I wish to have achieved so much more in life in terms of prosperity. I pray to have well trained and God-fearing children, and I should have worked more on my marriage even though God has been so good to me.

BOB: Where do you want Connectic to be 2 years from now?
By God’s grace I want Connectic to have expanded so much. We want to have a place where people can shop for anything ranging from toys, wears, accessories, undies etc. We want it to be a “One-Stop Shop” where you can get everything you need at a very affordable price.

BOB: So far what can you say has been the height of your career as the MD of Connectic?
I’m a very easy going person; I’ve been trained to take every day as it comes. But I’ll say my height is being able to manage the business personally and through the help of God. The organization has experienced a remarkable growth. I am also glad we have been able to get customers, recommendations and recognitions from people out there.

BOB: What are your plans in making your organization well known in Africa and beyond?
I have a very big plan. I pray to God to expand the organisation into a clothing line for kids, getting a bigger shop and also an online store.

BOB: What do you love doing in your spare time?
I like listening to music because it makes me reminisce, i.e., think about the past, present and future. It also makes me thank God for all he’s done in my life so far. I also like travelling too.

BOB: Since you started this business, have you had any regret(s)?
I can say there have been regrets and no regrets. I’ve had so many occasions where people have come to purchase goods without making payments. It has been no regrets though because it has taught me how to be firm but still flexible. It has also been an experience.

BOB: Any role model(s)?
My role model has been my father. He has taught me a lot because he has always told me “Never leave your God”. He has therefore been my major inspiration in life.

BOB: Any advice for young and upcoming entrepreneurs?
My advice to young and upcoming entrepreneurs is – Be determined, be focused. If you believe in yourself you’ll get there. Don’t be discouraged when life gets tough, just be determined and with time you’ll get there.

BOB: How can readers get your contact and any other helpful detail?
They can reach us on: 08035602425 or 07056016640.
Our Store: Suite 2E, Jeho Shammah Plaza, Abiodun Jagun Street, beside CMS Garage, Ogba Ikeja Lagos

BOB: Are you doing any promo/sales presently?
We’ll be starting our sales by 1st week in December on all wears, foot wears and some accessories in store including baby swing.

BOB: Any other thing you want the readers to know about you and your products/services?
I want people to know that we’re into good quality products which come from UK and America. We ensure our products are of good fabrics. We deal in major brands like: Gracco, Chicco, Johnson, Aveeno, Sebamed, Boot, Fisher Price, Avent, Tommie Tippie, Bravo, Adams, Polo Ralph, George, Early days, Huggies etc. We also do home delivery especially for the expectant mothers. They can order and we’ll deliver to them. We open 9.00am to 6.30pm Mondays through Saturdays. We also open on Sundays based on demand or for special delivery. Customers can contact us ahead of time they wish to pick up items or order goods for delivery. Also, we need our customers to know that we do not disappoint!
Thanks for having me Bukola…..

BOB’S Entrepreneur of the Week: “We want to give Nigerians the sense of living in style” says MD of Goldland Interiors and Furniture

11 Nov

goldland 5
The Managing Director/CEO of Goldland Interiors (pictured above) is a woman who gives class to your space and personally showcases style. A single visit to her showroom will make you know that living in your dream home is achievable. You do not have to look at pictures of homes in magazines and wish you could have one like it. She brings imagination to life. I am saying this because her range of products and interiors are the items that brought my living room to life and this made my home a place I can run to at the end of the day’s work…*smiles*
As a result of her creativity and passion for what she does, I have brought her to you BOB readers so that you can get to know her better and to serve as inspiration to everyone out there who wants to start up some sort of business. Her story will inspire you. Please read and enjoy………

BOB: Your name, family background, educational background, work experience and parental impact

My name is Remi Jude- Ibe. Born years back in Maiduguri Borno State to Mr. and Mrs. Adeyemi Billirose. Had my Primary school there and went to Katsina State. Because my parents were transfered there for civil service work. I had my secondary and then attended Federal College of Education Katsina where I read Agricultural Education. I then pursued for the Institute of Interior Design UK where I had a diploma in interior design.
My mum raised us up with God’s help ofcourse. We are a family of 6, 4 boys and 2 girls. I am the last but not the least. Smiles.
Interior design has been an age long passion for me. I love to design spaces and give it a ‘voice to speak for itself’. I love what I do. Seriously!
The name of our oganization is Goldland Interiors and Furniture Limited
and it was birthed 5 years ago

BOB: What inspired you to start your business

I have surrounded myself with books, watched international shows on air about design over the years. When I was much younger, I quarrelled with my siblings a lot cos within 6 months interval I’ll change the design of our house,do up another colour scheme and all. It just got to a point where I kept doing same in my house and people said. ‘ Come do ours’. That’s how we started. Got educated on what it all entails and its just got better by the day..

BOB: How did you come up with your business name

I love gold cos I traded on it years back. The name stuck and I just liked it. Guess its cute!
We have been running for 5 years now

BOB: What are the services you render at Goldland Interiors and Furniture?

We major in interior design service. Homes, hotel and office designs. Our slogan is “….nothing less than fabulous!” Our work stands for fabulousity in its entirety. We make all our furniture here in Nigeria. We pay great attention to details. We are a proud Nigerian brand and do stand international standards of design any where.

goldland 2

BOB: The most cherished moment of your life?

The major cherished moment of my life is meeting my husband and having my kids. What could be better than meeting someone who helps u fulfill your purpose in life and raising godly seeds? That’s the major and primes of my life- FAMILY!

BOB: How do you balance your career with being a wife and mother?

Balancing home front and kids is quite easy for me. I run my time except in little exceptions. I do have time to do stuff with my kids. They come first as parent. Nothing should compete with that. They are the letters we send to the future we may not see. We have to do our work well if we will have a good legacy to leave behind. I try to make up time as much as needed

BOB: In 5 years time where do you want to be?

In 5 years I want to have paid my dues in the interior design world. We want to be the force to recon with when space design is mentioned. We want to give Nigerians the sense of living in style and want to have a major factory running to satisfy our client base

BOB: Where do you see Goldland Interiors and Furniture 2 years from now?

In 2 years time Goldland should have had showrooms in some major cities in Nigeria. At least 2. We want to have a structure that stands anywhere and anytime.

BOB: What is the height of your career as MD of Goldland Interiors and Furniture?

The height of my career as the MD of Goldland has been our ability to have a client base that trust us to deliver quality and interpret a clients thought and bring it to life. I have been able to work with organisations, individuals as a case may be who can recommend us any time to deliver service and meet their quality needs.

BOB: How do you achieve the special interior designs you give to your clients?

How do we go about our special interior designs? Hmn…I tell people that if u can drive a fab car! why shouldn’t u live in a fab house? We use colour to speak different languages. Your space needs to be special to you and it should be a love nest u should dream of running into after a day’s hard work. If u don’t feel that then u need our services.laughs…

BOB: How do you intend to make yourself known in Africa and beyond?

We intend to make ourself known in africa and beyond by pushing boundaries by the day. We want to build a reputation that can stand the test of time and work with the organisations that matter. We will get there. Its just a matter of time. But our best will speak for us!

BOB: How do you spend your spare time?

My spare time is used in God’s services. I sing , I love to travel and meet new faces and spaces, I watch movies sometimes too.

BOB: What has been your regret(s) since you started the business?

I have not had any regrets since I started my business. Life is a learning place. Every mistake and mishap are meant to be ingredients that will make us better than we were. We are striving for perfection. No regrets whatsoever!

BOB: Who are your role models?

Oprah Winfrey, Kimora Lee Simmons. They built sustainable businesses. Wish to do same

BOB: What is your advice to young Entrepreneurs?

Advice for up comers, be yourself, know what you want, know your strength and pursue it. Do your best always, give to society more than you want to take from it.

BOB: Are you running any Promo or sales presently?

We are opening a new showroom on the 12th of November. We are launching our new kitchen design. Sales party on for our customers from 23rd to 30th November 2013. Up to 50 percent sales on selected home accessories and furniture. Launching new product lines as well. Promises to be a fantastic one.
goldland 1

BOB: How can readers reach you?

You can visit our Goldland Interiors showroom at 1a, Isheri Road by Aguda Bus Stop opposite Excellence Hotel, Ogba-Ikeja. Visit and like our facebook page at goldlandinteriors. Our phone numbers are 08035341128, 08033302273 or 08030770707. U can add us on your bb. Our pin is 25A2AEB3. Email us on Thank you!

BOB: What else do you want readers to know about you and your services?

We want customers to know that they can leave their space design to us and just take a chill pill. We can work with your budget and we won’t disappoint. Thanks for having me Bukola Oyetunji.

BOB’s Entrepreneur of the Week: We give no frills, just results….. Managing Director of Aladdin Events

4 Nov

This week’s entrepreneur (pictured above), is a man who prides himself in making children happy. His love for kids is evident in the way he handles parties and fun events for them. He was brought to you readers as the ENTREPRENEUR OF THE WEEK because he is very good at what he does and is an entrepreneur worthy of emulation.

Please read the excerpts of the interview below:

BOB: Your background- Birth, Education, Parental impact, Work experience?
My name is Yemi Bakare. I was born 12th of May 1980. A graduate of Geology. My parents have been very supportive.
I’ve worked with lots of companies like MILAN, INDOMIE, CFAO, BA RECORDS, GOLDMYNE TV ETC

BOB: What inspired you to start your Business/Organization?
My inspiration came from dancing.

aladdin 6
BOB: How did you come about the name Aladdin Events?
My cartoon looks and funny gestures.

BOB: Your organization has been running for how many years now?
7 years and still counting.

BOB: What are the major things your organization is into?


BOB: What is the most cherished memory of your life?
Anytime I’m having fun with the kids

BOB: Where do you want to be in 5 years’ time?
Having my own events place “ALADDIN EVENTS CENTER”

BOB: Where do you want Aladdin Events to be 2 years from now?
To be the first event expert in the country

BOB: So far what can you say has been the height of your career as the Managing Director of Aladdin Events?
I dont refer to myself as the MD but “SERVANT LEADER”.. Being a team player as been the key and it has brought the company this far.

BOB: What are your plans in making your organization well known in Africa and beyond?
By building an events center that will accommodate all sorts of event equipments.

BOB: What do you love doing in your spare time?
Surfing the internet on how to become a better event expert and learning more from the pioneers.

BOB: Since you started this business, have you had any regret(s)?
Never have i had any regret because i love what i do and consider it always as fun.

BOB: Any advice for young and upcoming entrepreneurs?

BOB: How can readers get your contact and any other helpful detail?
Tweet: @aladdinevents
FB Page: Aladdin Events
Skype: justaladdin
Buzz: 07026412929,
Whatsapp: 08095511083
BB: 2B2300AE

BOB: Are you doing any promo/sales presently?

BOB: Any other thing you want the readers to know about you and your products?
We give no frills, just results.