PHOTOS: Dresses That Speak Volumes About You… Part II

20 Mar

So ladies, I’m back with the 2nd part of the ‘Dresses that speak volumes about you’.
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PHOTOS: Dresses that speak volumes about you….

19 Mar

Dresses are items every woman should endeavour to have in her wardrobe at all costs.
For three(3) days, I’ll be bringing to you the various types of dresses ladies should have for different occasions. You’ll be amazed how much fashion statement women can make simply by wearing the right kind of dress for the right occasion.
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Wise Words Of The Day…..

18 Mar

Photo Of The Day

Came across these relationship tips and feel it should be shared with my friends here.
If we put these in mind, we would have better relationships with people around us.

BOB Readers: My 16yr old daughter is a mother + my 18yr old daughter may never have a child of her own!

18 Mar

mother n teenage daughter- bukola oyetunji's blog
Hello Readers, how’s your week going?
You all won’t believe the mails I receive and the type of questions people ask.
Relationships can really be tough, we all need every piece of good advice we can get and most especially God’s grace.
A woman sent me a mail yesterday, it is really a touching and pathetic one. She wants all BOB readers to read and learn from her story. According to her, she decided to talk to me after reading the article I posted on this blog; MY BODY, MY PRIDE! Read
Read her story below:
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For the married: How Often Do You Respect Your Spouse’s “Right of Intimacy” With You???

16 Mar

bukola's blog1
The day you said ‘I do’ to your spouse, you gave him or her the “Right of Intimacy’ with you. Intimacy has a lot to do in ensuring you have a very peaceful, grudges-free marriage. Because this right has been shelved in most marriages, most couples end up having an unsatisfying sex life. They no longer enjoy making love with each other for some reasons. It may be as a result of a busy schedule on the part of one of the partners or both. It may also be because of health issues while it may be because they’ve lost that initial spark that brought about intimacy between them.
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