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PHOTOS: Dresses That Speak Volumes About You….. PART III

21 Mar

Today is the 3rd day I’ll be writing about the dresses that speak volumes about you. Ladies have made me know how much they love the dresses I’ve put up for the last two days now and you know what? I equally adore those dresses.
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PHOTOS: Dresses That Speak Volumes About You… Part II

20 Mar

So ladies, I’m back with the 2nd part of the ‘Dresses that speak volumes about you’.
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PHOTOS: Dresses that speak volumes about you….

19 Mar

Dresses are items every woman should endeavour to have in her wardrobe at all costs.
For three(3) days, I’ll be bringing to you the various types of dresses ladies should have for different occasions. You’ll be amazed how much fashion statement women can make simply by wearing the right kind of dress for the right occasion.
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PHOTO: Would you rock any of these outfits?

24 Jan

grammy outfits
Which of these outfits can you wear?

What is this? Is fashion now equal to nudity?

9 Jan

naked fashion
This woman should have been chased back home. How could she be comfortable walking on the streets dressed like this? *smh*