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BOB READERS: Pls advise…My fiancé wants me to swear an oath before we can get married!!!

24 Mar

woman under pressure

From a reader:
Hello BOB readers, my fiance told me he won’t marry me unless I swear oath with him o. He said that is the tradition in his family that I must swear that I will born children for him and that I will never leave him. The most annoying one is that he said I will swear that I will not marry another man even if he dies.

I don’t understand this type of tradition o. Please advise because I love him very much and don’t want him to leave me. He said he will marry me 3 months after I swear oath with him.

Should I leave him or swear with him? Pls everybody tell me what to do, I am confused.

****** If you are in this woman’s shoes what would you do?******
Pls send in your advice- Bukola Oyetunji


For the married: How Often Do You Respect Your Spouse’s “Right of Intimacy” With You???

16 Mar

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The day you said ‘I do’ to your spouse, you gave him or her the “Right of Intimacy’ with you. Intimacy has a lot to do in ensuring you have a very peaceful, grudges-free marriage. Because this right has been shelved in most marriages, most couples end up having an unsatisfying sex life. They no longer enjoy making love with each other for some reasons. It may be as a result of a busy schedule on the part of one of the partners or both. It may also be because of health issues while it may be because they’ve lost that initial spark that brought about intimacy between them.
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BOB Readers: Help….My Wife Wants Me Dead!!!

14 Mar

From a BOB Reader:
“Hello BOB Readers,
I married my wife 10 years ago in United States of America and I loved her very much. One thing led to the other and we came back to Nigeria 4 years ago. Fortunately for me, on our return, I got a job in one of the multinationals in Lagos. We began to live a very good life even better than when we were in US. I had a company car, a driver, a very conducive accomodation, and was able to travel outside the country anytime I wanted -along with my family.
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11 Mar

marriage proposal2
Gone are the days when men from this part of the globe do not see proposing to a woman as an important point in a relationship. Our men go extra length now to plan that very surprising and romantic proposal for their sweethearts.

On the evening of this year’s Valentine’s day (less than a month ago), I was at Ikeja City Mall (ICM) with some in-laws and hubby to grab a bite when I partially witnessed a very romantic proposal. This Mr. Lover man went on his knees and asked the beautiful lady with him to ‘please’ be his bride. People around them gave them a round of applause…. It was magical. Don’t know why, but I was thrilled (lol)….. YES, I know why… I’m a romantic!*wink*
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BOB Reader: Pls Advise- Is it bad for the husband to let his wife know how to start the generator?…..

9 Mar

Dear BOB readers, i got a message from a reader this morning asking me to pose a question to you guys. With the tone of the message, I guess this person really needs your individual opinions about what’s bothering his mind.

Please read his question below:
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